Workshop Skill Levels

How do I know what level I am at? If you are not sure at what skill level you are at please read below for our workshop guidelines.

Level 1: These workshops are designed for absolute beginners with no previous experience, all you need is your willingness to learn.

 Level 2: Our level 2 workshops are suited to those who want to put their new-found skills into practice, working with basic patterns and templates to complete simple projects and building on your confidence in your chosen skill. Must be able to thread up a sewing machine or have mastered the basic stitches for knitting & crochet workshops. If this isn’t quite you just yet, you might want to think about joining us on one of our level 1 workshops, How to use a Sewing Machine, Introduction to knitting or Crochet in a day

 Level 3: Our level 3 workshops are designed for those who are confident and comfortable in their chosen craft and have a firm grasp of the basics. This is ideal for those who want to add some new skills to their repertoire as during these workshops you will develop your skills, completing more complex projects and techniques.

 Level 4: Our level 4 workshops are aimed at those who are well experienced in their chosen craft. You will have an excellent grasp of the basics, and have tackled more complicated projects using a variety of patterns and templates. You are now ready to take on a new challenge.

If you need any more help or advice on choosing the correct level for you then please contact us and we will do our very best to help.




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